Quick Update | Baby Has Arrived

Baby Boy #2 is here! After 24 hours of labor and delivery and some complications…we had an 8 pound 2 oz little boy! Today is the first full day that we are all HOME! Two adults, two boys, 2 dogs!

John “Jack” Emerson Devens arrived on January 6 at 13:43.

Stay tuned for some ADORABLE (if I do say so myself) baby photos!

I’m hoping that some time soon I can get writing. Until that time, I will be basking in that newborn smell, noises, and overall baby bliss! I’ll also be enjoying and help the newest big brother transition!

Check out Instagram for some baby photos, if you just can’t wait until the next post!

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Baby Update | Nine Months

My baby is 9 months old–three-quarters of a year old! How on Earth did that happen!?! Today, is all about Michael at 9 months! Pass the tissues, please!


Postpartum Update | Six Months

Wow, it’s hard to believe that tomorrow I will be 6 months postpartum already! These 6 months have FLOWN by and have been JAM-PACKED.

I was planning on sticking to the same layout as my 3 month postpartum update, but life happened and there is really only 1 thing to discuss.

In February, I finally was given an answer to why I was in so much constant pain since giving birth. Because my labor and delivery were so long and difficult, I developed 2 inguinal hernias.

Fun, right?!


Incorrect. Not at all. No. I could continue, but I won’t.

No amount of physical therapy, kegels, or ibuprofen would take care of this problem, so off to the surgeon I went. A week later, I was in the hospital ready for surgery.

I was told that recovery for me would be a long and slow process. Very little exercise (read: walking), limited daily activity (stair climbing, cleaning, cooking), and no lifting anything over a gallon of milk.

You read that right–a gallon of milk.

If your first thought was like mine, again, you are right–no holding (read: carrying, lifting, etc.) M3.


The doctor was serious, like far too serious.

I was physically prepared for what that meant, but it did a number on me mentally. I was NOT ready for that part and couldn’t have prepared myself. For the most part, I have listened to the doctor. The exception being when we flew to the East Coast and I needed to hold him, lift him, etc. during our flights. Prior to and since then, I’ve followed directions.

The first 2 weeks were brutal. I was on medication. I was exhausted. I was in pain. I couldn’t wear anything, but oversized sweatpants that went above my bellybutton, oversized t-shirts, nightgowns, and robes. Almost five weeks later and I can only wear high-waisted jeans, for a short window.

While I know I needed this surgery, especially before getting pregnant again, I wish I could have waited until M3 was in school or have completed this when he was still very small and new. That way I could have lifted him after just a couple of weeks. That’s realistic, right?

Needless to say, my postpartum figure is less than what I was hoping for. No lifting and lugging? We can forget working out. That has killed me. I haven’t been able to exercise since BEFORE getting pregnant and still can’t do anything truly active, so the weight hasn’t disappeared. I very much look like I did 1 month postpartum.

Yay! Can you feel the sarcasm dripping from that yay?

Next week, March 27, I head back to physical therapy and will hopefully be cleared to walk more than 15 minutes/day, 3 times per week.

Head over to Instagram Stories, if you want to talk weight (loss, gain, plateaus). You name it, I’ll discuss!

I’m curious for those who have been fortunate enough to be postpartum what did your first 6 months look like? How did you deal with and overcome the issues you faced? I feel like (read desperately hoping that) the six month mark actually marks the crest of the hill and things drastically change. But I have no idea, so tell me if I’m crazy…or not!

Postpartum Update | 3 Months

Holy…I don’t even know what! This week has gotten away from me and we are less than 4 days from Christmas. Today, we’ve hit the 3 months postpartum mark and there are so many changes!

Every postpartum update is going to follow the same format as the first check-in. We’ll discuss mental health, feedings/scheduling, my weight, and exercise routine. Let’s get started because I’m writing this with less than an hour left of nap time!  

Mental health

At the end of the month I was trying to establish a routine with my cognitive behavioral therapist and was excited to get started. Unfortunately, scheduling was really tricky, I got overwhelmed and stopped trying to schedule appointments. 

I do know that I just need to commit to a day and time, but there are just so many variables. I also need to find a time where only I go because Baby is just too much of a distraction. A good distraction, but one none-the-less. 

Overall, I think I’m doing well–some days better than others with one exception. I am CRAVING some alone time. Trying to find that time where it’s just me (no housework, people, appointments, dogs, or other obligations) is damn near impossible right now. I either want to nap, clean, cook, or need to pay bills and make phone calls.

Finally, on Wednesday, I decided to take a Pilates class on a whim. I feed the baby his dinner time feeding handed him off to dad and left the house from 1830 to 2030.  It took everything in me to not fall asleep in the class, but I came back home feeling a bit out of breath and refreshed! I really think taking that time on Wednesday night made Thursday so much more enjoyable.


It has officially been six weeks since we stopped breastfeeding. I’m starting to feel more and more like my old self. The bottle-feeding has allowed me to get out of the house more, enjoy that time with Baby more, and sleep more. 

We are working through the Baby Wise book (it’s truly been a god-send) on a modified schedule which has helped increase his weight, sleep times, and our sanity!

We also switched from Avent Natural bottles to Dr. Brown’s Anti-colic and Reflux bottles a few weeks ago. He is SUCH a different baby. He burps easily and is spitting up less. He enjoys eating, now. He’s gaining weight. He’s, most importantly, SO happy!


When we went from breast to bottle-feeding, I continued to lose a few pounds without changing my diet. Then, the holiday parties hit (read: alcohol consumption increased). I have gained about 4 pounds back and am in desperate need to make changes. The tough thing with that, though, is that I get so discouraged and defeated.  It’s a nasty cycle that I need to put an end to.

I am, also, still pretty swollen. My feet, hands, and face are still carrying a decent amount of weight that will hopefully disappear once I really start committing to changes.


As far as exercise goes, I haven’t even come close to meeting my minimum goals that I set for myself in the previous postpartum update. Even though I am sleeping more, I am still SO exhausted all the time. The hardest thing for me during the week, is choosing to work out instead of trying to maintain the house/household. 

Around the 8-9 week mark, I found out that my pelvic floor and muscles are VERY weak and strained. I can’t go from laying to sitting, rolling side-to-side is difficult, and squatting is IMPOSSIBLE. My doctor has referred me to a female, reproductive physical therapy specialist.  I start on December 27 and fingers crossed working with her does the trick and allows me to workout, lose weight, and gain energy!

Because I am still wanting to be held accountable, I am going to leave my goals right here, for all to see.

Weekly Minimums
Pilates class — once a week (50 minutes)
Walking at the indoor track (with baby) — once a week (30 minutes)
Beachbody workout — once a week (30 minutes) 


Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought that I’d be uttering the following sentence. Compression wear is my best friend! I’ve been wearing compression postpartum “jeans”, compression leggings and tights, belly wraps, and compression socks. If it has the word “compression” you can bet that I’ll be buying it!

Lastly, and one of my most annoying issues to deal with is my hair loss and nails breaking. I am losing SO MUCH hair and now have a lovely balding spot at the top left side of my head. (YAY!) It’s actually getting to the point that I’ve contemplated getting Rogaine for Women. We’ll see what I decide to do with that. Then, there are those pesky nails. They will grow quickly and then snap right off or spilt down the middle. I miss my pregnancy nail growth! 

It is now time for me to end this post. The baby is waking up and I still have to make his bottle! But, hey, I wrote this in under 45 minutes!

How has your postpartum time been? What’s been really easy and what’s been incredibly difficult?? Let’s talk in the comments!

Coming Back! | Our New Schedule

I am coming back with live, up to date content on November 14, 2018! Set your alarms!

This is the last preplanned, prewritten blog post since Baby Boy has been born! The last 7 weeks of blog posts were all prewritten content–hello, preparation. This allowed me to focus on baby, while still allowing me to connect and build a relationship with all of you!

My plan is to still publish a post every Wednesday around 10:30AM and slowly start to see if I can up my writing by a post or two. For the most current information about posts, and life in general, you can follow me on Instagram.

I can’t wait to establish The Colorful Notebook’s new routine and connect in real time with you all again! Just bear with me as I’m still trying to figure out how this new-mom life and blogging fit together!


Quick Update | Baby is Here

He is here! After 44 hours of labor, 3 hours of pushing, and some complications…we had a 7 pound 10 oz little boy! AND we are all HOME!

To top it all off, Michael William has a very special birthday–September 21, 2018 (I’ll explain later!).

Stay tuned for some ADORABLE (if I do say so myself) baby photos!

This Wednesday (tomorrow), will be a non-baby post about fall essentials! In the weeks following, there will be a post every Wednesday ranging a variety of topics!

In the meantime, I will be basking in that newborn smell, noises, and overall baby bliss!

Let me know in the comments below, if you’d like to see some of our day(s) on Instagram (@thecolorfulnotebooks)! signature