Another long break, another long update

Another long break means a lot of information and/or events that kept me too busy to write. But here I am; ready to talk about it…The good, the bad, the incredibly frustrating!

Another Pregnancy, Another Miscarriage | A New Appointment

I’m sitting here this morning looking out at the mountains and typing away catch-up posts for the coming days and weeks. Really, I’ve just been trying to pass the last 70 minutes before I need to get ready for our first Infertility Specialist appointment and realized that the last journey update was 26 days ago.Continue reading “Another Pregnancy, Another Miscarriage | A New Appointment”

Oh Monday, Monday, I am glad you are gone

Last week, I talked through all of my Day 3 testing, how painful that was, and the next test. Today was that next test…my hysteroscopy. To say I was nervous would be a HUGE understatement. From the reading and research I had done, this was going to be painful, but I’d be asleep. From nursesContinue reading “Oh Monday, Monday, I am glad you are gone”

(IN)FERTILITY Doctor Number 1 | IVF or Bust

Our first doctor appointment was pretty positive and pretty overwhelming. We received more information that we could’ve imagined and knew what to do with and were given a map of what will happen next. (Finally a real, check-the-boxes plan!) Now, we just need to decide what that next step will actually be: IVF or a different doctor.