Planner Move In | Simplified Planner

Happy 2019! It’s time to move into those planners! Organization, here we come! Jump in to see how I’m laying out the planner!


Baby Preparation | What’s In My Hospital Bag?

The time has come to discuss all things related to the Hospital Bag!

I had a very small emergency bag that I took with me to our quick, unexpected runs, but this was the real deal. The “you can come in, but you aren’t leaving without a baby” bag.

Today, I’m sharing with you how I knew what to bring, what I actually packed, and where I got some of the items.

I’m curious…
What did you pack in your hospital bag as a first time (delivering) mom-to-be? Did you over pack? Under pack? Let me know!

Baby Preparation |Pantry Organization | Part 3

Baby Preparation is still in full swing! About a month ago, I purchased clear bins to help organize our pantry as it was starting to get out of control and we were losing track of what we had.

I spent about two-and-a-half hours cleaning and organizing this area. Now, it is functioning beautifully and we have been able to maintain the organization and cleanliness!

Baby Preparation | Hospital Tour

A couple of weeks ago we had our Hospital Tour! I was a nervous, “oh this is happening” wreck in the week leading up to this.

After going into the tour with a LONG list of questions, I narrowed down what are my most important questions to ask!

Leave your top questions or helpful comments below!

BONUS POST | Updated Cleaning Schedule

Hello, bonus post!

I’m in full nesting mode and was really struggling with how to keep the house relatively clean and tidy so that we can all function better within it’s walls. I personally have a love/hate relationship with cleaning for one entire day every week. I get very overwhelmed, I lose the entire day, and I don’t think it’ll work once the baby is here.

So I prioritized, tracked, and planned out a daily/weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly routine. HOPEFULLY, we will be able to enjoy ourselves and our house more with this routine. Here goes: Operation Clean!

Also, with this bonus post comes some bonus material! I made our routines into downloadable, printable PDF files.

(IN)FERTILITY Doctor Number 1 | IVF or Bust

Our first doctor appointment was pretty positive and pretty overwhelming. We received more information that we could’ve imagined and knew what to do with and were given a map of what will happen next. (Finally a real, check-the-boxes plan!) Now, we just need to decide what that next step will actually be: IVF or a different doctor.

Grocery Shopping | Shelf Shopping Challenge

We are 6 days away from moving and the first item on the checklist is to decide on what to do with the remaining food. I hate throwing things away so the more I can use or donate, the better I feel.

Questions and Thoughts Before Going Into That First Appointment

Waiting for and heading into that first high risk OB appointment is nerve racking! After a few weeks of letting my nerves get the better of me, I got organized. Today, I’m sharing 3 questions I asked and why I’m grateful to have done so.

September Travel Series | Packing Carryon Bags Only

It’s wedding weekend! Let’s get packing! Packing for a trip of any length can be challenging, but I’ve got everything I need in carryons. I’ve got three tips that I have found work regardless of where we are going or the length of time!