Planner Move In | Simplified Planner

Happy 2019! It’s time to move into those planners! Organization, here we come! Jump in to see how I’m laying out the planner!


Holiday Preparation | Thanksgiving Decorations

Here goes Round Two!

I published this exact post a week ago today and for some reason the whole thing was deleted. I’m not sure what happened, so if you read this already…thanks for visiting again. If you missed out last week, you’re in luck!

Points to note:

Everything I have was either gifted to me from family or purchased by me.

This has taken 5 years to accumulate.

All, but one set of pillows were purchase on sale.

I like to keep things simple. This makes decor changes and transitions fast and easy!

Let’s dive right in!

Living Room

These pillows are from a hodgepodge of stores. Home Goods. Hobby Lobby. Post Exchange (Fort Gordon, GA).

The blanket is from Arhaus.


My entry was area is another collective sight. King Soopers. Hobby Lobby. Target.

Dining Room

This center piece was very simple to put together, but screams fall and Thanksgiving to me! King Soopers. Hobby Lobby. Target (Dollar Spot).


Room by Room | Nursery Organization

Ah, organization! My favorite activity. In today’s Room by Room series, we are going through the Nursery. I show you where EVERYTHING is, why it’s there, and where you can snag items.

More importantly, I’m going through 4 Key Take-Aways when it comes to organizing any area!

What room in your house needs organizational help? Or better yet, what room have you conquered? Leave it in the comments below!


Baby Preparation |Pantry Organization | Part 3

Baby Preparation is still in full swing! About a month ago, I purchased clear bins to help organize our pantry as it was starting to get out of control and we were losing track of what we had.

I spent about two-and-a-half hours cleaning and organizing this area. Now, it is functioning beautifully and we have been able to maintain the organization and cleanliness!


Baby Preparation | Making Freezer Meals | Part 2

Holy freezer meals! The work is done, the food is made, and I am … laying on the couch!

As part of Baby Prep, I wanted to have a BUNCH of meals stockpiled and ready to be reheated. We want to focus on Baby Boy, the dogs, ourselves, and visitors for a while. Not breakfasts, lunches, and dinners!


Room by Room Organizing | Kitchen & Dining

Day Three of the Room by Room Organization was all about the kitchen/dining area! All in this process took just under 4 hours. Read more to see how I used our space most effectively, without buying new organizational aids!