What Are We Doing?! Where Have I Been?!

What in the world—where have I been?! Well, if you want to know click here! I’m talking all about the surgery that led to this unscheduled break.


Let’s get ready to UPDATE!

Another update post. I promise to try and post on a more regular basis so there’s less updating and more conversing.

For now though, I’m walking you through January. A lot happened, my body and mind needed a bit of a break, and writing was the last thing on my mind.

Another long break, another long update

Another long break means a lot of information and/or events that kept me too busy to write. But here I am; ready to talk about it…The good, the bad, the incredibly frustrating!

I want a baby, but…

Here is the first post of the new series! “I want a baby, but” … is my short story series where I’ll touch on a wide range of topics–the good, the bad, the ugly of trying to conceive.

Today’s post: I want a baby, but not thinking about my cycle has been wonderful!