Family Holiday Bucket List

Trying to fit every activity into a 24 day period is just NUTS! This year I created a holiday bucket list! These are our family’s eight highest priority activities! This would be a great way to kickoff the holiday season with your family!


5 New Parent Stay at Home Date Nights

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day and if you are anything like me going out is not something I like to do on one of the busiest nights of the year. Enter at-home dates. They are significantly cheaper, don’t require a babysitter, are comfortable, private, and fun! What could be better than that?!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Behind the Blog | Get To Know Me

It’s only Wednesday and the week has been LONG, so we are keeping it light and simple today!

With my corner of the internet newly expanding, now seems like the perfect time to introduce myself! I’m not talking organization, planning, or baby prep today. It’s just 5 little nuggets of information about me that most people here don’t know. Enjoy!