Room by Room | Nursery | Tour

I am SO excited to finally be able to share with you our Nursery! Today, I’m taking you around Baby Boy’s room and explaining the key components that make up his room!

The only thing left to complete the room is Baby! And boy, oh, boy, he’ll be here soon enough!

Let me know in the comments below what you think! I’m also curious to know if your little one(s) have/had a nursery and what you did with the space!


Baby Preparation | Hospital Classes

In the last 5 weeks, we sat through 4 parenting/birthing classes at our local hospital.

Some of the classes were fantastic and some were surprising bummers. Today I sat down and wrote out the pros and cons of each class and my recommendations/rankings of the classes.

If you are a first-time parent to be, what classes did/will you participate in?

If you are a seasoned parent, what classes did you take or find most helpful?

Anxiety Success?

Today was going to be all about the Baby Shower from last week, but when I sat down to write this came out instead.

I figured I’d share let this publish instead to remind myself that getting through “bad days” is possible.

This is a much more personal post and if you are not interested in reading it, that’s okay. I will see you next week!

Happy Wednesday!

Baby Preparation | Making Freezer Meals | Part 2

Holy freezer meals! The work is done, the food is made, and I am … laying on the couch!

As part of Baby Prep, I wanted to have a BUNCH of meals stockpiled and ready to be reheated. We want to focus on Baby Boy, the dogs, ourselves, and visitors for a while. Not breakfasts, lunches, and dinners!

Baby Preparation | Hospital Tour

A couple of weeks ago we had our Hospital Tour! I was a nervous, “oh this is happening” wreck in the week leading up to this.

After going into the tour with a LONG list of questions, I narrowed down what are my most important questions to ask!

Leave your top questions or helpful comments below!

The Middle | Second Trimester Recap

It’s hard to believe that we are DONE with the second trimester already! By the time, this post goes live, we will have less than 12 weeks until our due date and less than 6 weeks until our goal date.

The second trimester was filled with a lot of ups and downs, and changes in medications and thought patterns. The end of this trimester reminded me of how important it is to pay attention to and take care of one’s mental health. So, here we go! All about the second trimester recap train!

May Travels | Shower Celebration Clothing

We are more than halfway through this pregnancy! It is starting to hit me now that Baby’s arrival is right around the corner. Yikes!

Last week, I spent some time in New York celebrating this Baby. I showed what I packed, and wore, on Instagram Stories and decided to compile everything and provide links if you are interested in buying them yourself!

Don’t worry you can still see how I packed over on my Instagram highlights reel.