Plan With Me | PWM Weekly Layout | June 26 — July 2

Planning for me needs to be functional. I need to be able to spot things in a moments notice, which makes having extra or unnecessary markings on the page distracting. With this week’s plan with me, I’m showing you what materials I use and where you can by them!

Disclaimer: All you really need to start planning is a writing utensil and a planner. This is how I planned my first year.

You’ll notice that some of the supplies listed have two options. The first option is a more expense item than the second. Don’t worry, I’ll tell you my thoughts on both options and link where you can find them.


1. Paper Mate Flair (M) ($24.92)or Plinrise HM-001 Colored Drawing Pens (Fineliner, 0.4 mm) ($12.99)

Both are great options, but I’m finding myself reaching for the Plinrise Fineliner.

2.  Energel Liquid Gel Ink Needle Tip (0.3 MM) ($5.93)

I have gone back and forth between the fine points and medium points for several years and have decided that I prefer fine points. Energel writes smoothly and can glide over stickers. 3. Pencil

This is for pre-planning or planning on the go. It’s a great way to jot down notes or To Do’s and finalize with pen or marker later.

4. Sharpie Highlighter

These guys don’t bleed through the paper and are saturated in color. I use them to highlight important dates (holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, etc.). 

5. Functional Stickers

So stickers can be as expensive or as cheap as you wish. For my weekly stickers, I have used the freebies that come in the back of the LifePlanner (for several years). Just this year, I have started buying stickers from an Etsy shop (Planner Kate), but my rule is to only do so when they go on sale or from the dollar areas in physical stores. This allows me to try new things or affordably stick with what I love!

For those who are interested, click HERE to get $10 off your first Erin Condren order.

To see a walk through, how I plan for the week ahead, watch my Youtube video!


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  1. Awesome!!! Looks like this would keep the busiest people’s lives in order. Less stress when you are organized, Love It!!

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