It is my favorite time of the year! AUTUMN IS HERE!

If your favorite season is summer, or you’re just curious about the prior season, I have a summer essentials for you!

I’m not sure what I like more about the fall time…the change in colors, the cool, crisp weather, the beginning of the warm foods and drinks, football games, cozy nights in with blankets and a fire…I could go on! Oh wait, I am continuing! 

I’ve broken my essentials into 3 categories. Home. Clothing. Beauty.

Let’s get started!


This season is all about creating warmth and coziness using all five senses. For sight, I like having a fire element in the house. Candles (or melting wax), a fire in the fireplace, and blankets tossed around the house. Taste, we keep coffee and hot cocoa readily available, and warm, hearty meal in the oven or Crock Pot. Touch–the cozier the better! Blankets, pillows. The softer and plush the better! Smell tends to go hand-in-hand with sight and taste. The candles or wax will have a pumpkin, apple, or woodsy scent. The food and drinks will slowly permeate the house. Lastly, is sound. For me, the louder and friendlier the better! Football on the TV or music over a speaker. Friends and family in the kitchen hanging out. And a new one for us, a baby cooing over it all.

If I can’t find the exact link, I will have a similar one (look and price) linked.


blanket 1|blanket 2|blanket 3|candle|melting wax|Crock Pot


My autumn essentials, in this category, usually consist of jeans, sweaters, and cute jackets. As I’m writing this post, though, pants of ANY kind are NOT comfortable and the sweater and jacket options I currently have are limited thanks to the weight gain of pregnancy! For this area, I’m showing you some of what I already own (labeled with an “O”) and some of what I am planning on buying postpartum (labeled with a “PP”), as my body changes.

If I can’t find the exact link, I will have a similar one (look and price) linked.

Fall Clothes.png

jeans 1 1 (PP)|jeans 2 2 (PP)|leggings 1 (PP)|leggings 2 (PP)|sweater 1 (O)|sweater 2 (PP)|booties (O)|Scarf (O)| jacket (O)


During the fall, my the makeup and skin care items start to get a little more involved thanks to the colder, drier weather. For makeup, I add-in foundation, change out my lipstick, regularly wear a single nail polish, and occasionally wear a bit more eye makeup. For skin care, the only add-on is a face mask. I use one about every 7-10 days depending on what my skin needs.

Note, I only have this one eye palette and am okay in spending the money on it. I love the quality of the shadows and I keep repurchasing this palette.

Fall Beauty (1).png

face wash|moisturizer|face mask|mascara|eyebrow pencil|lipstick|foundation|nail polish|gel nail polish|eye shadow palette

Let’s share! In the comments below, share YOUR Fall essentials or favorites! Happy Fall!



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