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I mentioned yesterday, PWM 6/26 — 7/2, that I follow a cleaning schedule. This started about 2 years ago when my husband deployed. I was looking to do something everyday that would keep me occupied—for free—and came up with this. Not only would the house be clean, but I stopped getting overwhelmed when cleaning everything at the end of the week.

We now use the schedule so that we know what has been and what needs to be cleaned. It’s pretty simple and very effective! The best thing I did for myself was slipping the Schedule into a sheet protector and using a dry erase marker to check items off. I love a good check list!

For starters, I break down each weekday and I have a notes section. In each day area, I have 3 lines for me to write in—covering everything from vacuuming and dusting to organizing and throwing out junk.

For the notes section, I break the area down into daily, monthly, and quarterly areas. This covers everything from general clean up to more in-depth deep cleaning.

Blank Outline. Free printable below!

Each day, we spend less than an hour tackling the main (weekday) list and maybe 20 minutes at the end of the day checking off the notes area. Like I said earlier, I love my check lists and this allows me to see progress—especially if we’re having a more relaxed day.

The schedule is customizable and I’ve attached the PDF that I created so that you can download and use it. (Don’t worry, it’s free!)

—-> Cleaning Schedule Printable <—-

Filled Out.jpg
Here is our schedule to give you a starting point.


Let me know, if you try it and how it’s working for you!

Please, feel free to share any of your tips and tricks!Signature


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