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On May 1st, I started my no heat curly hair journey. If you’re curious about how I got started, click here!

I was hopeful that my hair would bounce back, start remembering how to curl, and allow me to be on the road to healthier hair! I wasn’t totally wrong, but I do think I need to adjust some things.

Zero Heat

I used absolutely ZERO heat products for the ENTIRE month of May. I cut about 10-15 minutes out of my routine by doing this. By the second week, I wasn’t even reaching for a hair dryer or curling iron. All that said, though, I was getting really annoyed at how long it took my hair to dry. From getting out of the shower to totally dry hair, took about 2-2.5 hours. While I felt put together (where clothes and makeup were concerned), I also felt like a drowned rat.

Towel (micro-fiber) drying my curly hair though, did show me a large reduction in frizz. I can NOT believe the lack of frizz around my head. Now, take into account that I currently like in Colorado. It is very dry here and that has helped cut down the frizz, too.


Prior to starting this personal challenge, I did a TON of curly girl research! The most important step, it seemed, was setting up a shower schedule. I followed this schedule, religiously, for the first 2 weeks.

By Day 10, my scalp was itching something terrible and I felt like my hair was so greasy. My curls, however, were standing the test of time! …For the most part.

I decided that I would wash and condition my hair (Day 1) every other or every third day, at most. The only time this changed was when I worked out and was sweaty. If this were the case, you better believe, I shampooed my hair!

I also dropped the co-washing because, on those days, my hair felt so heavy. Instead of co-washing twice a week, I use conditioner after shampooing and decided to deep condition my hair once a month.

As for product…on the days that I’ll use product, I apply them in the shower, as directed. If I’m being honest, though, I’m no longer using the curl product everyday.

What changes will I keep?

curly hair
Curly hair product

Little to no heat–I’m not going to say that I’ll continue the Zero Heat method. I just can’t promise that. I will say that I’m planning on using heat as little as possible. As in once or twice a month; sometimes, you just want a good blow dry or curl from a curling iron.

Conditioning my hair–Prior to this challenge, I would maybe condition my hair a couple of times a month…if that. I just didn’t see the point in that extra step. Now, however, my curls are more defined, my hair is less frizzy, shinier, and much more manageable!

Using a wide tooth comb, in the shower, with conditioner— The ease of detangling is unbelievable! No pain, less knots, and I know that every strand of hair will be coated with conditioner.

Using scrunchies and clips instead of elastic ties— I wasn’t sure that I would like using anything but elastic hair ties. I really like a good strong hold in my hair. The scrunchies and clips, though, didn’t leave any indents in my hair or get caught in a knot.

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