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The Middle, Round Two| Second Trimester Recap

Goodbye, Second Trimester! What a rough 13 weeks…there really is no other way to phrase it.

Month 4

We found out that Baby Devens #2 is a B-O-Y!!! To say we were/are excited to have another little boy running around with M3, is an understatement! The subchronic hematoma that we found in Month 1, has slowly started healing itself, which was comforting to hear.

During a visit this month, we also learned that I may require a C-section because my placenta is too close to the birth canal opening. At first, even though I know there is nothing I can do, I was totally against it.

As you’ll see in just a minute, though, the deeper we got into the second trimester, the more I started coming around to the idea of a C-section over a vaginal birth.

Month 5

We travelled a LOT this summer and spent almost 2 weeks of Month 5 in New York visiting my family. At this point, I had recovered as much as I was going to from the mono and was feeling significantly better…little did I know that it wouldn’t last long.

At 21 weeks and 3 days, I was admitted into the hospital. I was having severe back and left side pain, no appetite, and was exhausted. It turned out that I had acute pyelonephritis (kidney infection) and a dislocated rib…sounds fun, right? I spent 4 nights in the hospital and then almost every day at a doctor’s office for the next 5 days with follow up appointments.

Month 6

About 2 weeks into my kidney recovery, I developed a cold which quickly turned into bronchitis and an ear infection, which then led to an intercostal muscle strain (rib muscle strain).

Last trimester, and even into my fourth month of pregnancy, I would have told you that this pregnancy was easier in ways that my last pregnancy wasn’t. Today, as I sit here writing this, I can safely say that this pregnancy is SO much harder and has come with SO MANY challenges that we just weren’t prepared for.

Not only did I get sick, but my husband got a cold and M3 developed a cold, pink eye, and a severe case of constipation. Poor kid!

General Info

Weight: I have gained about 15 pounds, so far, thanks to being sick and not having a good appetite. The swelling in my hands, feet, and face are slowing getting worse and more uncomfortable. Hopefully, fingers crossed, it doesn’t get NEARLY as pain as it was during M3’s pregnancy!

Going to the chiropractor and physical therapy during this pregnancy has been SO helpful. I can’t recommend both options enough!

Cravings/Aversions: At this point, I can eat just about anything anything. I don’t have the aversions that I had at the beginning of this pregnancy, but I probably just jinxed myself.

As for cravings, I am still loving bell peppers and have one almost every day. M3 and I also share an green apple most days; mine with a little bit of peanut butter, but I’m not sure if that’s a true craving or habit at this point.

Sleep: If I could sleep all day, every day, I think I would. I am exhausted. during the fourth month and half of the fifth month, I had a small burst of energy between illnesses. I got a decent amount done during each of M3’s naps while still being able to be available to him when he was awake. It was amazing.

Now, I sleep whenever he sleeps. Naps? Check! His bedtime? Check! When he’s awake (if I have another adult in the house with him)? Check! I can NOT get enough sleep. It’s ridiculous!

If it wasn’t for the second trimester pregnancy insomnia and/or having a pre-toddler, I’d be sleeping all day, every day!

Medications: Prenatal with methylated folate (3 pills/day), Baby Aspirin (81mg AM), Zyrtec (10mg AM), Pepcid (20 mg AM, 20 mg PM), Bonjesta (anti-nausea (1 pill PM), Magnesium (200mg PM), Potassium (200mg PM), Macrobid (general antibiotic for kidney infection), Amoxicillin (for the ear infection), Z-PAK and inhaler (bronchitis)

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Life Blip | Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday! Our little baby had his very first birthday!

…Or rather, our little boy!

Last weekend, we celebrated Michael’s 1st birthday with family and friends!

It was a simple gathering, but so much fun. Sometimes, those are the best gatherings. Low stress, high fun! Just how I like things. Our theme was the alphabet and I got all of our supplies from our local teaching store, Target, or Amazon.

If you are curious about his statistics, you can click here for the updates!

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Baby Update | 12 Months

September 21, 2018…One year. 12 months. 52 weeks. 365 days. That’s how old our baby is! He is on the verge of toddlerhood. I can’t believe it!

For those of you who want to recap his first year…here you go! A quick look at the entire year.
Labor and Delivery
Month 1
Month 3
Month 6
Month 9

12 Months Statistics

Weight: 24 pounds and 6 ounces

Height: 30.4 inches

Head Circumference: 19.3 inches

This kid is ON. THE. MOVE! He is crawling, pulling himself up on furniture (and people), climbing the stairs, and LOVES to chase after the dogs! He’ll be walking soon enough!

Too soon, if you ask me and not soon enough for dad!

He has no problem telling you if he’s unhappy OR really excited and is getting the hang of “dancing” his little heart out! Even with all that energy, he will stop for a cuddle for a few minutes throughout the day and will sit on your lap, contentedly, while you read him books.

Waving hello and goodbye are some of his favorite things to do in public. He will yell at you and scowl if you pass him in the stroller and don’t say hi. Consider yourselves warned!

He has gotten the hang of brushing his 7 teeth and has 8 more teeth coming through…ALL at the same time. He had is first dental appointment on Monday, too. Overall, that went well…until he bit the dentist!

He’s making some big steps for a big little boy!

Happy birthday, little pal! Time, slow down!

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first trimester

The Beginning, Round Two| First Trimester Recap

Round two! Ah, the First Trimester is officially over! Thank you, God! Unlike our first, first trimester, the 13 weeks of pregnancy flew by! I was sticker than you’d believe, exhausted, and taking care of a baby. I do mean a baby. During these first 13 weeks, M3, was 6-9 months old.

Month 1

First, let’s get this out of the way. Yes, this baby was planned. We do know this baby and M3 will, at most, be 15.5 months apart. Yes, it’s crazy, but we are THRILLED! Okay, let’s move on!

We got our first positive test on May 20th, 2019. I was 4 weeks and 5 days along! I went to our clinic every 3 days to test my HCG and Progesterone levels from May 20th to May 30th. On May 29th, we had our first ultrasound, heard the heartbeat, and breathed a little sigh of relief.

Unfortunately, during our Memorial Day Weekend Camping trip, I bled…a lot. So much so that I was convinced that we were going to miscarry. It turns out that we did not, thankfully. On the 29th, during the ultrasound, we found out that I have a sub-chorionic hematoma that was causing the bleed.

Month 2

I don’t quite remember when it was, but sometime between months 1 and 2 I found out that I had mono for the second time and probably had it longer than I’d been pregnant. I was told to rest, drink water, and try to eat because I was losing weight a little too fast for comfort.

Between 7 and 8 weeks, I found out that I some how contracted the flu.

We continued to have regular ultrasounds, with the fertility clinic, until we hit the 10-week mark.

Month 3

At the 10-week mark, we were transferred to the high risk OBGYN office that delivered M3.

At 12 weeks, they confirmed that I still had mono and that I was dealing with the flu…again. Yes, for the second time! I was informed that I would likely be this sick throughout the remainder of my pregnancy. Thank you, low immune system!

We took a bunch of blood to test all sorts of different things (thyroid, liver, mono virus), an additional basic CBC, a partial chromosome test, etc. You name it they probably tested me for it! Everything, except the Epstein-Barr virus (mono) came back normal.

Baby’s ultrasound looked great! Heart rate of 175. Good fluid levels. The hemorrhage was healing.

General Info:

Weight: I’m looking at the scale this time around…for now. Being only 6 months postpartum (a 2 months post surgery) when I got pregnant means that I was well above my goal/previous starting weight. Thus far, I’ve only gained about 4.5-6 pounds, depending on the week. It is a very nice change of pace, but I’m still seeing changes in the size of my hands, feet, and face. Swelling, puffy, round.

Cravings/Aversions: I can NOT eat peanut butter chocolate ice cream and any type of meat. I can prepare, cook, and smell meat with no problems! Ask me to eat it and I get physically sick. The only way I’ve been able to have chicken is if it’s in chicken and rice/noodle soup. Even then, though, I can’t think about what I’m eating.

My appetite because of pregnancy, having mono, and having the flu has been close to nonexistent. When I’m hungry, though, I want a cold sweet bell pepper…or 10. It’s not unusual for me to have at least 6 peppers in a single week.

Sleep: Because I have been so sick during this first trimester I am trying to sleep as much as possible. Typically, I fall asleep on the couch, around 8PM. I’ll wake up and get into bed around 9:30PM and almost immediately fall asleep. I will sleep until the baby gets up usually around 6:30AM. For a while, I was sleeping during both of his naps; now I only sleep during one.

On the weekends, my husband will get up with the baby and let me sleep in a bit. I will still nap when baby naps and usually fall asleep earlier. I can not wait to be back to a relatively normal, adult sleep schedule!

Medications: Same exact medications as my last pregnancy’s first trimester. Prednisone (10mg AM, 5mg PM), Heparin injections (5000IU/twice a day), Progesterone (200mg PM), Prenatal with methylated folate (3 pills/day), Baby Aspirin (81mg AM), Zyrtec (10mg AM), Pepcid (20 mg AM, 20 mg PM), Bonjesta (anti-nausea (1 pill PM), Magnesium (200mg PM)

Misc.: Just like the prior pregnancy’s first trimester, my nails need to be kept short or they will break, spilt, or bend. My hair, also, went from fine and growing back (hello, baby hairs!) to fine, limp, heavily falling out, and oilier than normal. …Yay…!

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9 Month Postpartum Announcement

Well, there is no nine month postpartum update! The announcement I have been waiting to give, fingers crossed, hoping to share is finally here!

Not only have I battled mono and the flu, in the last 3-ish months, but I have been dealing with a new pregnancy!

Yep! We are pregnant!

This baby and M3 will be about 15 months apart. Baby #2 will be joining ys some time in mid-January. Thankfully, and hopefully, giving us a chance to get through the holiday craziness. Wish us luck!

Being pregnant, again, has presented quite a few challenges. At this point, I LOOK much farther along than I am. Today (7/17/19), I am 13 weeks. I’m super sick and truly exhausted! My body hurts already and the carpal tunnel is flaring up. I’m so grateful!

Come back this Saturday, for the First Trimester Recap! In the meantime, I am taking advantage of nap time and taking a nap myself!

If you want to compare the pregnancies, here is the First Trimester Recap of M3!

Leave any tips and tricks for having 2 under 2 in the comments below!

Want more postpartum discussion? Every post related to postpartum is here!

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Baby Update | Nine Months

9 Months Statistics

Weight: 21 pounds and 15 ounces

Height: 28.5 inches

Holy cow! This kid is GROWING!

His hair is getting really long and when damp, it’s starting to curl. It’s, also, getting REALLY light. I’m not sure if his hair is coming in blonde or just getting lighter because we are outside more.

He officially has 6 teeth, rolls around like a champ and wants to move SO badly! He’ll get up on his knees and rock, but that’s about it.

He still loves his food, especially peanut butter! Put a microscopic blob of peanut butter on anything and he WILL devour it.

He’s babbling (read: screaming) still and has started to say “ba ba ba” over and over again. He’s starting to refuse to be alone, so we’re trying to figure out how to handle that…

We’ve moved from two 2 hour naps plus an hour catnap to two 2 hour naps. I don’t even want to think of the day where we go down to one nap…that’s going to be such a SAD day!

It’s amazing the milestones he’s hitting!

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