Behind the Blog | Get To Know Me

I realized the a little while ago that my little corner of the internet was expanding! I thought it might be interesting to share some information about me that most probably don’t know.

I’m always interested to know who a person is “behind the scenes” so to speak of what I’m seeing and thought maybe you guys would be, too.

A little background. I am a proud New Yorker living in Colorado with my husband, 2 dogs, and soon a baby! I love documenting life with video, photographs, and/or writing (hence this blog). My hands-down favorite holiday is Thanksgiving. I love purging and minimizing stuff–clothes, books, accessories, etc.–but love buying in bulk. I usually only cut my hair 2 (maybe 3) times a year. As you can probably tell from the blog, I am a hyper-organized, Type-A busy body!

Here are the 5 things that you might not know about me!

  1. I love a busy Saturday. If I could pack every Saturday chock-full of errands, chores, and activities,  I would! Grocery shopping, home maintenance, outdoor (or indoor) activities, visiting with people, ANYTHING. You name it, I’d toss it ALL into a Saturday.
  2. While my husband was in the military (and transitioning out), we moved a million times and I LOVED it! In reality, we moved 6 times in 4.5 years, twice within Colorado and Georgia. While some areas and rentals had some less than desirable qualities, I would go back and do it all again. We’ve lived on post, just off post, and in civilian neighborhoods; my favorite (aside from the house we just bought) was our on-post rental in Texas.
  3. My top 3 travel spots that I want to visit are Ireland, Italy, and Greece. While seeing the tourist spots would be nice, I’d much rather pick a small town or city in each and hang out for a week. I want to visit where the locals eat, drink, and are entertained. Shop where they shop. Just quietly explore.
  4. Sitting still drives me crazy. As you may have gathered from the first point, I like to keep busy. Most of the time, it is so hard for me to sit still and relax, as my mind will work double time making lists or creating tasks to do. It’s been so difficult, in fact, that before going on bed rest I would schedule Sunday as a relaxation/home day. Even on vacations, I much prefer to be on the move.
  5. I love a good cold, rainy/stormy day. Really it could be rain, thunderstorms, snow, sleet, anything gloomy. I will still do in-house tasks, but the non-sunny weather makes for an easier time staying relaxed (or maybe just sleepy). A cup of cocoa, warm comfort food, a book or tv show, a nap(!), comfy clothing…It sounds like a fantastic day!

What is one thought that you have when watching/meeting/talking to someone? Or am I the only über-curious one?


My Summer Essentials


It officially feels like summer here in Colorado! After living in southern states for the last 4+ years, and never escaping the heat, it was nice to be reintroduced to summertime!

This year I was so looking forward to laying in the sun, relaxing by the community pool, and living in easy breezy clothes. What this summer is ACTUALLY looking like is living in the AC, under fans, and in front of the freezer, I have yet to visit the pool, and am living in shorts, sports bras, and dresses. Oh pregnancy, how you’ve changed things! 

Because we’ve had a lot happen this year (moving states, moving homes, jobs, baby) and are high risk, we plan to stick close to home this summer! Luckily, there is enough to do/explore in our area that I’m pretty sure we will be totally fine! Anyway, because of our homebody/pregnancy state, my essentials list looks a tad different from a “normal” summer.


Summer Beauty

facial wash|moisturizer|sunscreen|mascara|eyebrow pencil|lipstick|hair clip


This makes me laugh because, this year, comfort and keeping cool is the name of the game. Style is just an added bonus!

The dress here is the only non-maternity clothing piece, but fits me better now than pre-pregnancy. Note, that the dress’ link is for the maternity style. Old Navy is currently out of the non-pregnancy style. 

I have the shorts in the light, distressed wash, a white wash, and a dark wash.

Summer Fashion

dress|shorts|skirt|tops|body shaper|baseball cap|shoes


Summer Swim

The swimwear is not maternity. I simply sized up until the bikini pieces fit me!

swimsuit top 1|swimsuit top 2|swimsuit bottom|hat|flip-flops|sunglasses|bag


Summer time to me means catching up on reading and podcasts! I just finished this book and really enjoyed reading it. I think this book will be my favorite summer read!

I, also, just found this podcast. They are quick 30-45 minute discussions of now-solved cold cases. I mainly use podcasts as background noise, but these I find myself stopping and listening to the stories.

Summer Life


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