BONUS POST | Updated Cleaning Schedule

Well, this is new! Hello, Saturday!

I’ve been writing a lot lately to prepare for our upcoming arrival, as it seems (with all the contractions and his size) that he may be coming sooner than his due date.

In the spirit of preparing for Baby, I have been resting, nesting, and trying to find a new cleaning schedule that will work for this house and for us. Every time we moved, I would take about 6 weeks to adjust and find a cleaning routine. Every house and schedule was different.

My goal here was to limit myself from feeling overwhelmed. With my anxiety, this can happen oh-so-easily and I know that other things will boost these feelings once Baby arrives. The thought that everything needs to be cleaned/tidied all on the same day does not lead to feeling calm and collected. It’s a lot of work. I lose the entire day and, with baby coming, this house needed to have a flexible, realistic cleaning schedule.

After prioritizing what rooms should be handled first, I went about creating a daily/weekly layout that tackled one area or category every day. With this schedule, I know that I will only spend 30-60 minutes a day actually cleaning and 10-15 minutes tidying up. I refer to this routine as surface or spot cleaning.

Of course I made them interesting to display and look at! If I keep them looking presentable, I’ll keep them on display! If I display them, I see them daily and will be more likely to accomplish the goals and make them a routine!

Cleaning Schedule

From here, I looked at what needed to have focused attention and be deep cleaned. I think a once a month, quarterly, or yearly deep cleaning of these items will go a long way in keeping the house looking orderly and running smoothly!

Cleaning Schedule 2

To hold myself accountable, I have started using Google Calendars as a reminding system. I have it set as a repeating event so that I can write notes to myself, within the calendar, as the week comes up and/or can alter the week depending on what is going on! I think this will REALLY help with the monthly, quarterly, and yearly cleanings that we want to stay on top of!

I’ll be checking back in, a few months from now, with how this schedule is working with Baby in the picture.  

Below are 2 full size PDFs of these schedules, for those who are interested!

Surface Cleaning Schedule

Monthly, Quarterly, and Yearly Cleaning Schedule

Let us know what your cleaning schedules/routines look like and/or if you have helpful tips in the comments below!



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