Room by Room | Master Bedroom Clean-Out

We are going Room by Room and decluttering! Everything we own is being examined and tossed into one of 3 piles-keep, toss, donate/sell.

First up, the master bedroom!

The Final Performance, Round Two | Labor & Delivery

And here we are! I can NOT believe that I’m finally able to sit down and write this post! Jack is almost 6 months old and we’ve had quite an adventure since he arrived. Before we get started, you may want to go back to the Third Trimester Recap to get a better understanding/refresher of whatContinue reading “The Final Performance, Round Two | Labor & Delivery”

The Ending, Round Two | Third Trimester Recap

Goodbye, Second Trimester! What a rough 13 weeks…there really is no other way to phrase it. When we hit that third trimester, a wave of relief and dread hit. Relief because I was inching my way closer to full term. Dread because I knew that the longer I stayed pregnant, the sicker I would become…Continue reading “The Ending, Round Two | Third Trimester Recap”

Quick Update | Baby Has Arrived

Baby Boy #2 is here! After 34 hours of labor and delivery (and some complications)…we had an 8 pound 2 oz little boy! Today is the first full day that we are all HOME! Two adults, two boys, two dogs! John “Jack” Emerson Devens arrived on January 6 at 13:43. Stay tuned for some ADORABLEContinue reading “Quick Update | Baby Has Arrived”