Room by Room | Rules for Decluttering

things I’ve realized while decluttering and then living in a decluttered space… You will likely need to go back in 3 months to re-declutter and reorganize the space. It’s a process and if we’re being honest, you will likely be a bit too easy on yourself. That’s fine! Just know that you’ll need to doContinue reading “Room by Room | Rules for Decluttering”

Michael’s Second Birthday

My baby isn’t quite a baby any more! I have had MANY a tear fall in the last few weeks, so you can know that I’m not crying as I write this. He turned two…TWO on Monday. I can’t believe how big he’s getting… I am fairly certain that this kid is the Energizer bunnyContinue reading “Michael’s Second Birthday”

Mental Health Monday | Postpartum Depression & Anxiety

It’s not Monday, but man-oh-man, does it feel like it! Hi, I’m Alaina and I deal with Postpartum Depression and Anxiety. Well, let’s face it, I’ve dealt with depression and anxiety long before babies and will have to deal with it long after my babies have grown. Sounds fun, huh?! About a year ago, IContinue reading “Mental Health Monday | Postpartum Depression & Anxiety”