Baby Update | Nine Months

9 Months Statistics

Weight: 21 pounds and 15 ounces

Height: 28.5 inches

Holy cow! This kid is GROWING!

His hair is getting really long and when damp, it’s starting to curl. It’s, also, getting REALLY light. I’m not sure if his hair is coming in blonde or just getting lighter because we are outside more.

He officially has 6 teeth, rolls around like a champ and wants to move SO badly! He’ll get up on his knees and rock, but that’s about it.

He still loves his food, especially peanut butter! Put a microscopic blob of peanut butter on anything and he WILL devour it.

He’s babbling (read: screaming) still and has started to say “ba ba ba” over and over again. He’s starting to refuse to be alone, so we’re trying to figure out how to handle that…

We’ve moved from two 2 hour naps plus an hour catnap to two 2 hour naps. I don’t even want to think of the day where we go down to one nap…that’s going to be such a SAD day!

It’s amazing the milestones he’s hitting!

sign off!

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