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Easter Essentials | Zero Candy Baskets

Can you believe that Easter is this weekend?! Holy cow, it sure did sneak up on me! After having M3, I’ve been trying to think of creative ways to remove the candy from the gifts he gets from us. Today, it is all about no candy Easter baskets!

I know, the younger they are the easier it is. As he gets older, we know that he will get candy from other sources (festive events, grandparents, Easter bunny, Santa, etc.). While I am not saying no candy, I am simply saying that he won’t get candy from mom and dad.


This basket is actually quite small. We purchased it last Easter after finding out we were pregnant to announce that we were in fact expecting! Needless to say, we didn’t need a large basket. As you can see in the left photo, the 4×6 frame takes up the majority of the basket, just as the stuffed lamb does.

He won’t need a bigger basket for several years, hopefully, and this one was a cheap Target find.

For those who are curious, the bunny holding the “M” on the basket was a Target find, too!


Ok, let’s talk baby rattles and noise makers. Those things can be so cute AND darn expensive! I’m sure he’ll love the Amazon foot rattles, but we wanted him to have something he could hold onto, thus…

Bring in the creative side! We decided to fill the plastic Easter eggs with dried beans and seal them shut, instead of candy. We filled them with different beans and different amounts and gave them to him a little early to see if he’d like them. Boy, does he LOVE them!


Books, books, books! We buy him books more than anything else–possibly even clothes! Our goal is for our kid(s) to have a full bookshelf with everyday reading books, seasonal books, educational books, and so on. Slowly, but surely, we are making that happen!

This Easter, we got him two. The first is a female empowerment book for kids called Tough Chicks. It could NOT be any cuter! It’s a touch a feel book and seems to hold his attention because of the different textures throughout the book!

Secondly, is a book from the Llama Llama series, called Llama Llama Easter Egg. All three of us love this series for many reasons. Most importantly, the holiday books are short, easy to read, and have a sweet little concept.

Stuffed Animals

After a few years, I’m sure we will be surrounded by stuffed animals and loathe them. For now, however, I will purchase them happily. This little lamb is still bigger than he is, but will be easy for him to hold onto. Currently, he has an owl that he loves with the hard eyes, like the lamb has. With the owl, he loves to touch and pinch the eyes and then touch the soft mouth; I have a feeling he will LOVE to do the same to the lamb.


If your child is a little older and you want them to open something to distract from the no candy baskets, you could always put a couple of things in these cute draw-string bags. I found these specific ones for a dollar in the Target Dollar Spot. I’ve, however, seen similar versions in craft stores, dollar stores, and kid’s clothing stores.

Tip if you have older children…

I overheard people in the store, saying that these sacks would be their child’s Easter basket and egg hunting sacks, instead of the traditional baskets!

I’m sure everyone else has some no candy Easter basket ideas for all ages! Go ahead and drop them in the comments below to help out our fellow readers!

Hope you all have a Hoppy Easter!

sign off!

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