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I am LOVING this weather! Sunny, a slight breeze, and temperatures in the 60s and 70s! You know what this means, right? It’s time to get outside! I’ve been looking around our area to find free or cheap activities and thought that I’d share my ideas and findings.

I know that your first that may have been similar to mine–neighborhood play dates, community pool days, park visits, walks around the neighborhood, etc. I wanted to find groups or activities that would be as engaging for me, as it is for M3.

Library: Free…

First, story time. Your library will have several age-appropriate story times for different age groups. A lot of them will even have a craft, snacks, or play time after the reading to allow parents (and kids, too) to socialize.

With it being at the library, the most you’ll have to do is create an account with them so that you can sign-in and sign books out. Registering, and attending the story time, are both FREE! If the story time can fit into your schedule, you’ll get a designated hour each week out of the house–minimum.

Community Pages/Listings: Free or Cheap

Second, seasonal gatherings. Your Chamber of Commerce, the town/city website, and your local Facebook Events section will highlight all of the upcoming events. The events are typically released at the start of each quarter/season, giving event-goers PLENTY of time to prepare!

These three community resources are at YOUR disposal! By having these “databases”, you’ll be able to find out about free (or SUPER cheap) concerts, festivals, socials, fairs, farmers markets, consignment sales, holiday character meet and greets…the list is SO LONG!

Hint, if you really plan and know about some events way ahead of time, they will offer free registration (tickets) for whoever is going. You may only have to buy dinner, or your souvenirs, or nothing!

Recreational Centers: …Cheap

Third, recreation center activities. Depending on your area, prices will vary. Most classes offered, however, are in a group setting, are 8 to 10 weeks long, and possibly discounted–if you’re a returning customer. Whether it is your community recreation center, a local YMCA, or a private company, you could have a nice parent-and-me time or up to an hour by yourself.

You could read, workout, make phone calls, enjoy some quality one-on-one time with baby…the possibilities are endless.

Some activities that may be offered are:

  • Swim lessons
  • Parent boot camp
  • Mother’s Day Out
  • Music class
  • Gymnastics
  • Common meeting space play dates

Resource Stores: Free or Cheap

Fourth, Lakeshore Learning Free Saturdays. A lot of times, your local teacher supply store will have free classes for preschool/school aged children. Our teacher store is called Lakeshore Learning. If you purchase something from the store, you will get a flyer detailing the free kid classes they are offering.

According to my local store employee, you do not need to buy anything to get this flyer. Just ask!

These classes are free, usually have a wide time slot (i.e.: 10:00AM to 3:00PM), and help to develop different skills your child needs to learn.

Hospitals: Free…

The fifth, and final, freebie is a hospital group. Throughout the year, some hospitals either offer, or can recommend, different group get-togethers for parents and babies.

My local hospital, for example, offers the following:

  • New mom’s group (for mom with babies up to 6 months)
  • Working mom’s group (no age limit)
  • Birth Trauma group (parents only, therapy type session)
  • Playdate group (usually for babies from 6-24 months)
  • Breastfeeding group (there is a lactation consultant to help).

Every community (or a surrounding community) offers MANY free or cheap activities for families, couples, singles, girls (or guys) night out! You may have to do a little asking or sniffing around, but it is there–I can promise you that!

In the comments below, leave any other free or cheap activities/ideas that I left out!

free and cheap activities

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