Baby Update | 3 Months

Baby Three Month Statistics

Weight: 12 pounds, exactly

Height: 20 inches

This guy is THREE MONTHS already! Little boy is exactly that–a little boy! He just hit the 12 pound mark, on December 20th, and so far has barely grown in length. He’s still fitting into most 0-3 month clothes comfortably, with few exceptions. Even though he doesn’t gain weight very fast, he LOVES (I can’t emphasize this enough) LOVEShis bottle and screams when it’s empty!

His hair is still very dark, but is thinning out considerably. He looks like a little, balding old man. I LOVE IT! Those lovely little bald spots are because he’s sleeping about a 7-9 hour stretch at night, smiling like crazy, and is trying to laugh. His hands and feet are moving constantly and he’s finding his voice with little baby shrieks! 

While he is MUCH happier than he was at his last update, he still can scream and cry like no other when he’s tired, overwhelmed, or his GERD flares up. He still has spit up episodes, but they have decreased significantly and we couldn’t be happier and more excited for him!

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