Must Haves | Third Trimester

Full disclosure, I’m pre-writing this at 36 weeks pregnant. I have a puppy laying down at my feet and another at my side. Both of whom are softly, and occasionally, barking (or grunting) at the garbage men outside of our house. You’ve got to love a good couple of guard dogs! 🙂

I’m pre-writing this so that I can focus on Baby Boy once he comes and because I have a feeling he his coming sooner than we think. I woke up the other morning thinking that his birthday is right around the corner–it’s such a weird feeling!

ANYWAY, back to the topic at hand! My third trimester must haves!

If you are curious about what my first and second trimester must have were, click on the blue links. It’ll take you right to those pages! 

Like I say during all things pregnancy, every pregnancy is different and what works for one may not work for another. In the spirit of sharing, though, here are my third trimester updates!

Let’s just jump right into it and get what makes me red in the face out of the way!

Sanitary pads. Yes, I went there and yes they are indeed a MUST have. As you’ve probably already read about, we thought my water had broken around week 32. Holy, liquid! Prior to this week, I had been purchasing panty liners to give me a sense of confidence and comfort. From week 32 on, I’ve upgraded to a “light flow” pad. I still can’t quite believe I’m typing this! 

I’ve been sticking to the Always and Kotex brands, but it’s all about preference.

NOW! On to the more socially acceptable items.

First up, compression socks. These awful things were introduced into my life around week 34 because of all the swelling. I should have probably wore them sooner…hindsight. I bought ones from Target that they no longer carry and really am not a fan. They’re hot,  slide down constantly, and rip easily. Invest in some heavier duty ones, if you need them. I’m sure Amazon has some good quality ones. 

Can anyone say swollen legs?!

While, I truly despise the socks, in general, they do their job well. I have so much swelling that when the time comes to remove them I have an almost 1/2 inch indent in my leg. It’s quite the look!

The next two items go hand-in-hand, in my mind. Comfortable clothing and shoes. Luckily (?), I’ve been pregnant in the summer months and can get away with loose clothing and flip-flops or canvas shoes. My go-to clothing items are dresses or light fitting sweatpants and t-shirts. Comfort is really the only thing I consider now. Especially, since finding things that completely covers my belly is almost impossible right now!

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been stopped at stores to be told part of my stomach was showing. 

As for my shoes, I alternate between these flip-flops and canvas shoes. The flip-flops were a new pregnancy find and have the right amount of support and give. Once I am back to my not pregnant shoe size, I’ll be purchasing them for normal wear. As for the canvas shoes, I’ve been buying them of a couple of years now and love how comfortable they are. I pair them with EVERYTHING shorts, pants, and dresses. I also don’t care if they get dirty looking because I can quickly wash them or just buy a new pair since they are only $6!

The BEST canvas shoes and sweatpants!

My next must have is a relatively inexpensive item. Tissues! Really, I’ve needed them all the time, throughout this pregnancy, but this last trimester especially. I am so congested ALL. THE. TIME! My nose is bigger, my face feels heavier, and I think I sound sick 24/7. I’m told that this is just another part of pregnancy. Wow! Noo, thank you.

My FINAL must have item is ice water. I tend to drink a lot of water, even when I’m not pregnant. This pregnancy though I’ve routinely drank AT LEAST a gallon a day. Yes, the bathroom runs are outrageous. I have a 32 oz water bottle, that I purchased about a year or so ago. It came with an infuser that I no longer have, and never used, but I fill this guy up almost halfway with water and guzzle down. Then, I eat the partially melted ice. IT. IS. HEAVEN! I think it’s also one of, if not the only, thing that has made this summer remotely bearable.

What have been some of your third trimester must haves? I’m especially curious about those who’ve been heavily pregnant throughout the summer!


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