Baby Preparation | What’s In My Hospital Bag?

Wow! Writing out this list (and looking at the photos) makes it seem like I have A LOT of things!

At our hospital tour, we were given a Mom and Baby list to help guide our bag packing. After going through our list, I significantly paired down because it was overwhelming and seemed insane that we’d need everything (and in the quantities) it mentioned. Since being diagnosed with Preeclampsia and having to be induced early, we are being prepared for a C-section stay, but hoping for a vaginal birth. The hospital said to come prepared to stay for 3-5 days (C-section stay), so prepared I am coming!

Surprising Recommendations

The hospital surprisingly recommended that we bring our own pillow(s), with a patterned case so that we were more comfortable and felt more at home. After 4 L&D stints, leading up to the actual Labor and Delivery, we agreed that bringing our own pillows (and a blanket for my husband) was, in fact, a great idea!

Friends/neighbors of ours, that delivered at this same hospital, also had a couple of recommendations for use. First, a Chromecast to watch videos or play music. Second, a small diffuser and oil (the hospital actually recommended this, too). Third, and last, a small makeup bag so that after delivery and recovery (with visitors and photos) I can feel a little more like myself.

Hospital Bags

Before we get into what is in my hospital bag, I want to let you know that everything I brought could have fit into 1 large duffel bag, or 2 smaller bags. I decided, however, to break the items up into 3 bags, each with a different purpose/function. I have a Labor bag, a Post Delivery bag, and a Bathroom bag. 

Also, to keep in mind, I had an induction at 38 weeks due to Preeclampsia. Because we were basically starting from 0 and waiting for labor to begin at the hospital, I packed some things to pass the time before labor really started.

Now, let’s get started!

Labor Bag

Eye drops

Pillow/patterned cases (2)

The hospital recommended that the cases be patterned so when our room was being cleaned they wouldn’t mistake our pillows for theirs.



Wallet (ID, ins. card, debit card)

Phone and wall charger (quad)

Portable charger


Headbands/Hair ties/Hair clip

Diffuser and oils


Laptop and charger

Reminder/Focus cards to calm anxiety


Post Delivery Bag (Mom and  Baby)


Robe (2)

I packed a longer robe (similar to this) for walking the halls during labor and a shorter, lighter one for after delivery so that I could be covered when people came into the room. The shorter robe is actually a beach coverup and similar to the blue floral print I have.

PJ set (1)

I bought the short and button down set during the summer, but it was surprisingly a little too warm for me to wear at night. I’m bringing it now because the elastic stretch in the shorts seems recovery friendly and the top nursing friendly!

Soft pants (2)

Just bring comfortable, baggier bottoms!

Baggy shirt (2)

I brought a couple of these just to throw on in case I was tired of wearing hospital gowns and robes. I don’t care what happens to these shirts either (leaking, baby juice, etc.)

Go Home Outfit

This consists of comfortable clothes. Jogger sweats and a floral t-shirt.

Nursing bras (2)

I was able to pick up a bunch from Motherhood Maternity during their $8 sale! 

Flip Flops (go in wearing)

Cheap Underwear

I bought these “granny panties” for a few reasons. One, they are cheap! Two, I don’t truly know what will be happening with my body and I won’t mind having to throw these ones away. Three, the underwear I currently have just aren’t comfortable and I wanted some that were high-rise in case of a C-section. 


After delivery and/or for my husband. No one needs to be hangry…Enough said 


Go Home outfit

I picked this up on sale from Buy Buy Baby. It’s gender neutral so every baby we bring home can wear it. Our own little tradition!

Mittens (2)

Onesies/Sleepers (Newborn 1, 0-3 months 2) 

Swaddle blanket/hat (1)

I snagged these off of Amazon! They were cheaper than going through an actual store! Swaddle set | Hat 


Carseat (stays in the car)

Newborn/size 1 diaper (1/size)

For the above baby items the hospital suggested we bring them so that the dogs could smell them before we got home, we’d have nicer photos, and the baby could be warmer in their clothes.

Bathroom Bag (Travel Sizes)


Body/face wash/moisturizer




Lens Cleaner


Baby Wipes

Small Makeup bag–mascara, eyebrow pencil, concealer, and makeup/face wipes




Nipple butter

Breast pads (5)

Silicon Pump


Now, I’ve written this BEFORE Baby Boy is here so I’m not sure how much of this I will end up using. I will, though, keep you updated and let you know soon!

What did you pack in your hospital bag as a first time (delivering) mom-to-be? Did you over pack? Under pack?


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