Baby Preparation | Hospital Tour

So now that I’ve had time to process the whole thing, I’m able to talk about the Hospital Tour! Holy anxiety ridden, “I have so many questions and concerns”, week. The week leading up to this tour seemed so long.

Bumping through the tour!

Our tour was 30 minutes long, highly informative, and a lot of my questions were answered as we went. Every hospital is different, and every year things change, and I highly recommend going to your hospital’s tour. 

Anyway…we learned everything from how to navigate the Labor and Delivery floor, checking-in, pre-registering to avoid filling out paperwork while in labor, and what we wanted to happen in an ideal world (a.k.a our birth plan).

Going into the Tour, I had 33 questions. Yes, I realize that’s a LOT and that most of them were answered by the end, but … hello, anxiety and grasping for some control! Of the 33 questions, these 14 were at the top of my list. They also led to other conversations that would not have come up had we not asked.

Hospital Questions

I hope these questions help guide you in your hospital tour journey! Leave your hospital tour experiences and top questions in the comments!


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