Must Haves | Second Trimester

Goodbye, Second Trimester! Hello, Third!

While the Second Trimester of pregnancy was better than the First, it was still quite difficult for me to get through. I had nausea/vomiting still, was exhausted, sore, swollen, and terrified that at any moment this would all be gone. It was quite a mind-F to go from “happy I’m pregnant” and feeling him move to “this is going too well” and “who’s body is this”.

Luckily, I found a few items that made this trimester easier for me to handle! Let’s start out with food and drinks since that’s really the ONLY thing I can think about for long periods of time!

Food! Need I say more? Okay, but seriously let’s welcome in the cravings. While I haven’t craved anything out of the ordinary for me, I have needed the temperature of these items to be specific. I’ve wanted apples, cantaloupe, muffins, chocolate, pretzels…any food that I was fine with eating at room temperature now needs to be COLD. Almost too cold to eat.

Like all cravings, keeping things cold has proven tricky. Trying to anticipate what I’m going to want and keeping the fridge stocked is not something I want to spend a lot of my time doing. Which, I’m sure, makes me fun to live with!

Beverage choices, on the other hand, are so weird to me. I am craving bubbly drinks, not something that I like to keep in the house unless it is seltzer. Unfortunately, seltzer just doesn’t satiate me the way a cold soda does. Unless it’s for a party, I don’t keep soda in the house; it’s a treat and I’m usually pretty stingy about consumption. Towards the end of this trimester, though, I’ve wanted a few sips every night. Yes, I’ve caved and finally bought a pack of soda, but limit myself to at most 1 per day.

Now that I’ve gotten food and drinks out of the way, I can try to concentrate on actual must have ITEMS!

First up, PILLOWS. No matter where I go (couch, bed, or chair), I need at least one pillow. Sitting up? I always keep a pillow behind my back. Elevating my legs? A pillow or two goes under my feet. Laying on the couch? I NEED two pillows at my head, one under my hip/stomach, one between my knees and possibly a pillow behind my back. Bedtime? Two pillows under my head, body pillow to mold to, and possibly another at my back. My apologies to my husband who is trying to lay or use the same area as me. 


I am, single-handedly, getting our monies worth out of these pillows. This is new to me. I’ve always liked the look of pillows on a couch or bed, but always removed them. Now, I can’t get enough and always seem to need more!

White noise has helped me nap during the day. During the Second Trimester, I went from two naps per day to none to one nap a few times a week. I downloaded an app on my phone that has MANY white noise options and play it loudly. My alarm turns the white noise off briefly when sounding and then resumes.

Phone Screen1

For some reason, though, I can’t play it at night. It keeps me up and makes me a bit anxious. I’ve also noticed that when I turn the white noise on, the dogs calm down and nap near me. I guess that’s one trick up my sleeve for when baby comes!

Then, there is lotion. I had to go from the Vaseline brand to Aveeno because of the Stearic Acid. I developed the PUPPS rash during the beginning of this trimester. According to my doctor, Stearic Acid  can worsen the rash and make you more miserable. I specifically started using the Aveeno Skin Relief 24-Hour Moisturizing lotion and body wash.

Related image

Here we go again with the temperature thing, but sometimes sticking the lotion bottle in the fridge for a few minutes brings the sweetest relief.

My last, and most important, must have for the Second Trimester is a mental health professional.

DISCLAIMER: I’m not saying that every (pregnant) person needs to seek mental health help, is depressed, or anxious. This is a very person-specific topic and what works for one may not work for another, or even be necessary. 

I was diagnosed with prenatal anxiety and depression towards the end of the Second Trimester. I already have a history of anxiety, pre-pregnancy. I probably should have spoken up sooner to my doctor, but hindsight … Anyway, while medication has helped, I truly feel that talking to someone is going to make the most (long-term) change. Working on managing, intervening, and ultimately preventing anxiety/depression “flair ups” has been so beneficial that I truly wish I started earlier in the pregnancy.

What are or were some of your Second Trimester Must Haves?


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