Let’s get ready to UPDATE!

Eighteen months ago we upped our “let’s have a baby” game and started off naively thinking this would be easy and we’d have our baby in 10-12 months. We had our first miscarriage back in 2013, but nothing indicated that we’d experience loss again over multiple, back-to-back pregnancies.

Click here to read Part 1 of our story and here to read Part 2.

Almost 16 weeks ago, I updated you guys on our latest December testing. For those who follow on Instagram, you know that January was a a scary (and frankly annoying) month for us.

From January 5th to January 18th, I had 5 allergic reactions. ALL ending in Emergency Room stays, each longer than the last. They could not figure out what was going on and finally the doctor at the fertility clinic made a decision. On January 19th, I came off several supplements. PQQ, myo-inositol, and fish oil. We all decided that we’d continue to follow my cycle for the month, but that my body needed a break and we needed help to figure out what was happening.

I had ovulated on the 18, meaning that we were already half way through a cycle. They wanted to follow it through since we’d spent the money at the first half of the cycle and they wanted to see how my reproductive system reacted under stress. 

I set up an allergy appointment after the second allergic reaction and had an appointment for January 25th. Under their guidance (and after discussion with the clinic), it was decided that I’d come off all medications except for the baby aspirin and undergo allergy testing for 3 months. We’d go back to the fertility clinic at the end of April and reevaluate with whatever information we had. It was a solid plan that we started that day.

I did my first round of scratch testing at the office and found out that I’m very allergic to cockroaches of many kinds. Ew and thank goodness I have an excuse now to freak out when I see one! After that I set up my next appointment with the hope that another reaction wouldn’t present itself in the next 3 weeks.

At the allergist’s office, they had me take a urine test to make sure I wasn’t pregnant–just in case. The day before the appointment, I had to take one, too. Both we negative. Both the allergist and clinic advised that I take one until the day my next cycle started just to be sure. Again, we were tracking my cycle that month, to see how my body handled stress. 

January 26 AM test: negative
January 26 PM test: negative
January 27 AM test: negative
January 27 PM test: negative
January 28 AM test: faint positive
January 28 PM test: faint positive

Our reaction was more surprised that I can put into words. Immediately, we called the doctor and they told me to come in first thing Monday (01/29/18) morning for blood work. We were terrified and expected things to go downhill pretty fast.

Now, after a long few months, we are very much pregnant! Even though it’s been about 15-16 weeks since the last update, I’m 17+ weeks pregnant. We’re growing a big baby who needed an updated due date! 

On Wednesday, I will be walking through the wild first trimester–be sure to check back then!


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