Another long break, another long update

The last real time update I gave was in the middle of December, as we finished our hysteroscopy. That finished up a month of testing (ultrasounds, blood work, hysteroscopy, and more blood work).

Just four days before Christmas, we got our test results. They weren’t bad, but I thought they’d be better and it took me some time to wrap my head around.

The Good

There were no endometriosis, polyps, or scarring of any kind. Yay!

The Not So Good

The ultrasound did show a lower egg reserve count. My egg reserve count was at 20, which to me sounded high…until I found out that a healthy 25-year-old has a count of 30-35. My hormone and blood levels were lower than normal/average, too. My ANA result came back positive again with a titer of 1:80, but we are retesting that while we wait for my thrombophilia panel.  This titer score may be triggered by the Raynaud’s, so this may just be my new baseline. My AMH level was also on the low side at 2.31. Again, for a healthy 25-year-old, the average is 3.6-something to a 4-point-something.

When we found this out, we (myself, Mike, and doctor) decided to go on meds to increase egg quality. Myo-inositol and PQQ. A few weeks into taking these 2 new medications and I ended up in the Emergency Room 3 times in 5 days. I was having a rare allergic reaction to both the Myo-inositol and the PQQ. Burning of the hands and feet, huge hives everywhere all at once, immediate swelling, blurry vision, coughing, tingling…about has allergic as one can get. So I’m off the Myo-inositol and PQQ and have been on Benadryl and Prednisone for 7 full days (and will be on it for the next 2 days).

Can I just say that I hate being on Prednisone?! As much as I want to be pregnant, I’m REALLY dreading having to be on injectable Prednisone with all the side effects that the oral medication has brought. More on that later!

So, that now brings us to present time. This coming week, really whenever I start to ovulate, we will be having another ultrasound to look at egg count…and then our next steps. Medicated cycles? IVF? Something totally different, we’ll have to wait and see…

Fingers crossed as we find out what our options are!


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