Oh Monday, Monday, I am glad you are gone

Last week, I talked through all of my Day 3 testing, how painful that was, and the next test. Today was that next test…my hysteroscopy.

To say I was nervous would be a HUGE understatement. From the reading and research I had done, this was going to be painful, but I’d be asleep. From nurses (at my clinic) and family, I found out that I would not be under anesthesia and it would definitely be painful. I spent the weekend before, fretting because those who I sought for answers weren’t able to give me peace of mind. Yes, I know that’s mainly my own fault. 

Here we are, less than 24 hours later and I’m here to say it was bad, but I survived! They dilated my cervix,  pumped some fluid in, inserted a catheter and camera, and snapped some photos. That whole ordeal didn’t take very long (and the doctor was great), but it was incredibly painful. After that, I had to get more blood work done for the autoimmune panel, blood clotting panel, and something else (the name is escaping me).

I spent the rest of the afternoon/evening with a heating pad and drinking a lot of water. I only got sick once; thank goodness! I experienced a LOT of cramping and nausea, throughout the rest of the day/night, but am very fortunate that that was all.

Because the information didn’t seem readily available, here’s what I did. I really think that Step 3 was the biggest help of all. FYI: my hysteroscopy was at 2:30PM and lasted about 35 minutes start to finish, including blood work. 

1. Keep busy. I was so nervous leading up to the procedure that I struggled to get sleep. Before falling asleep around 1AM, I made a list of things to do during the day so that I wouldn’t scare myself into nervousness. I also had no idea what to expect recovery wise, so I knew a few household chores needed to be completed prior.

I folded laundry (and refolded ALL of my clothes), paid bills, picked up our room, vacuumed, remade the bed, took out the trash, did a 35 minute Beachbody workout, showered, ate, and read.

2. Create a list of questions. In creating this list, I found that most of my concerns were post-hysteroscopy and could be discussed at our Wednesday consultation appointment. This allowed me to get a large chunk of my anxiousness out before walking into the doctor’s office.

3. Prepare your space. So keeping busy the day of allowed me to prep the space I’d most likely be in after the hysteroscopy, but, in this section, I mean it more as bedding, food, medication, and activities. For bedding, I got all the pillows and blankets (and my heating pad) that I could want or need. For food, I bought soups and snacks a few days in advance that would be nutritional and help to settle my stomach (if necessary). As for medications and activities, I placed all the meds I would need for the day/night next to the bed so that if I didn’t want to or couldn’t get out of bed I didn’t have to. Activites, my computer, charging cables, and books, were all placed next to the bed, too.

In preparing for the hysteroscopy, I took 600mg of ibuprofen an hour before my scheduled time and then 200 to 400mg every 5 hours for twice. This helped tremendously to keep the edge off. I also grabbed a small Dum-Dum lollipop to suck on after the blood work portion to help keep my mind off the cramping and nausea and give me a small sugar boost. 


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