Cycle Day 3

Today was quite a day!

After not being able to get ahold of any nurses over the weekend, I called back today to see what I needed to do. Apparently, I needed to do a lot and the only opening they had was in 15 minutes.

Side note, it takes 14-20 minutes to get to the clinic and neither of us were ready. The hustle was on!

Once we got there, we were given our check off list for the day.

  • Ovarian Reserve Testing
  • Blood work up the wazoo (9 vials for me 4 for Mike)
  • Give a urine sample (both)
  • Consultation

Plus, I have to go back in a day or 2 to finish the blood work because I didn’t realize I needed to be fasting.

I’ve been told that the ultrasound and blood work were to be pretty easy and not to worry, so I didn’t. They were wrong, for me at least.

Quick back story: TMI WARNING, skip to unitalicized if you don’t want to read. I have VERY heavy, intense cycles from Day 1-6. Heavy flow, intense cramping, nausea, sensitivity to pressure around the stomach/back/pelvic areas, sore legs and arms, excessive fatigue. I always have had to lie on the couch or in bed with a heating pad 1-2 days prior to Day 1 until Day 3-4. Relief finds me around Day 7-8.

Going into today’s testing regime, I was ill prepared. I left the ultrasound room feeling some extra cramping and pressure like expected, but otherwise okay until the blood work. During the blood work, I started to get a little dizzy. I drank some water, stayed seated, and was fine to go home.

My husband was driving luckily, but about a fourth of the way home, I started to get very uncomfortable. I had to unbutton/zip my pants, lean the seat back, and focus on breathing. We got home, I changed and started to make lunch when I was hit with an overwhelming burning sensation cramp that felt like it radiated through my entire body.

I rushed to the bathroom confident I was going to be sick. After 20 minutes, I came out and tried to eat soup on the floor in between bathroom runs. After the second run, I was incredibly lightheaded and needed to lie down. After getting help moving from the bathroom into bed, with all of my pillows, ibuprofen, heating pad, food, and water, I was overcome with huge, body shaking cramps and the need to vomit.

To say it was a horrible 90 minutes would be a gross understatement, but soon after I was starving. I was able to finish the soup and then fell into a deep 40 minute nap.

* * *

About 11 days ago, I redid some of my preconception labs to check my Vitamin D, thyroid, and prolactin levels. I was told not to expect a phone call from the lab at the clinic unless a result was too low or high. Today, after 11 days and no call (plus more blood work), I got a call. My Vitamin D levels are too low, but the thyroid and prolactin levels are within normal range.

About 9 months ago, I was on Vitamin D supplements (50,000 units) for 12 weeks. I was told to retest in December and go from there. So here we are, back on Vitamin D pills for 4 weeks before getting retested.

* * *

I’m curious to see how painful the hysteroscopy (next Monday) will be after experiencing this ultrasound. From what I’ve been told by nurses, the hysteroscopy is the painful one. Their recommendation is to take ibuprofen and be prepared to spend the rest of the day in bed. (Yay! Hint of sarcasm.)

P.S. today was a two post day, so be sure to check that one out, too! It’s the start of a new series called I want a baby, but…”

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