Appointment Number Two | NO to IVF | Hello, polyps and questions

The day before Thanksgiving, I steeled myself for another appointment. This would be our second opinion doctor.

In we went with nothing to write on, no piles of excess paperwork. It was the two of us, the doctor, and the necessary overview packet. An hour appointment stretched into 90+ minutes. It was a lot of back and forth storytelling of our pregnancy past, what we had and what we wanted, and what she thought. It was great!

We left there with a renewed sense of hope and nervousness. I will be starting the preconception procedures and new medications. December will be the month of pokes and prods. After not being poked and prodded, tracking cycles, or taking notes for 7 weeks, I am ready to start!

Here’s what December will look like:

  1. Change prenatals, keep baby aspirin, add heparin, progesterone, and prednisone when applicable
  2. Redo preconception labs, Recurrent Pregnancy Loss testing, and karyotyping blood work
  3. Day 3 Testing (FSH, LH, E2, and AMH)
  4. Infectious Disease and Genetic Carrier Testing
  5. PCOS Panel
  6. Progesterone test (Day 8 & 11)
  7. High Contrast Ultrasound
  8. OHSC (I forget what that stands for, but it’s lumped into the same category as Femvue and HSG)

The only “hang up” we are bracing ourselves for is a potential small surgery. They will be checking for polyps and endometriomas via ultrasounds that the ER doctor thought they saw back in the beginning of November. Depending on what they find will determine if I’ll need to surgically remove them. Fingers crossed that it doesn’t push anything back too far.

This week (December 4, 2017) will be the start of Cycle Day 1 and Testing. Let the games begin!


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