(IN)FERTILITY Doctor Number 1 | IVF or Bust

Three weeks ago, I mentioned that we were heading into our new infertility specialist appointment after our fourth miscarriage. We had no idea what to expect and my thoughts were going a mile a minute trying to prepare in the days leading up to this appointment.

After filling out stacks of paper work, discussing family history’s and past doctor appointments, and doing some homework we had a plan. The first real, tangible, check-the-boxes plan!

Because of our history, specifically my history with pregnancy and lack of recurrent miscarriages in my family, the doctor’s initial recommendation was In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF). This, according to her, will allow them to look at the eggs I produce, determine which eggs have the highest chance of “survival”, and hopefully allow me to carry a healthy baby to term. With that being said there are still so many factors to consider and other steps that need to happen first.

  1. I need to meet with my Rheumatologist, determine any Autoimmune Disorders and medications, and get approval to undergo IVF pretesting.
  2. I need to meet with my High Risk OBGYN, go through Pre-Conception blood work, and get approval for and confirm her as my doctor during the IVF treatment process
  3. Have my spouse get the standard IVF pre-testing.

After these three steps are completed, we then have to wait for me to start a cycle before the next group of tests can occur.

Ovarian Reserve Testing. Baseline Ultrasound. HSG (plus BLUS and Hyst.). General Health Physical. 

Once the results from all this testing is done, one of 2 things happen. We either get the green light and start the IVF process…OR we get the red light, assess (and hopefully fix) the problem, and then proceed.

We took that information, talked to family, and decided to get a second opinion. While we felt incredibly comfortable with the doctor, IVF was the ONLY option discussed. No talk of hormone therapy for me, IUI, Clomid, assisted natural planning.

Let’s talk: I’m curious to see how many doctor’s others have had an initial consultation with before deciding on a doctor and method…leave it in the comments below! 

Up next: This week we are filling out piles of paper work again and preparing for next week’s appointment with an osteopathic doctor who specializes in fertility and women’s health. Wish us luck!


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