A Miscarriage First: Bring on the Complications

After 3 miscarriages, you would think that I’d have experienced a complication or two that would REALLY set me back. Guess what, I haven’t. I’ve had difficulties during miscarriage that meant more monitoring, but nothing else.

Miscarriage Number 4, though, handed me a complication that I wasn’t ready for.

We miscarried on October 8, 2017 and continued to do so until the 16th. For me, this miscarriage was pretty typical. Spotting. Cramping. Heavy Bleeding and Intense Cramping and Nausea. Spotting. The end.

Around November 3rd, I started to feel like my cycle was coming back. Back aches, light cramping, and tired. The only difference was that I kept getting a random sharp pain in my side and slowly lost my appetite . After a week of these symptoms plus spotting, I went to Urgent Care. They, of course, didn’t have an ultrasound machine to check, but felt that this was just a new cycle after miscarriage. After a physical exam and explanation of “if it gets worse go to the ER”, I went home.

The next day, it got worse. Significantly worse. Increased blood flow, doubled over cramping, lightheadedness, that random sharp pain, and exhaustion. I went to the ER, told them what was happening and was immediately taken back for tests.

Blood work (4 vials). Pelvic exam and swabs. Internal and External ultrasounds. Urine test. Physical. 

They checked every box and found that I had a large polyp in my reproductive tract, an endometrioma (a sign of endometriosis), and a cervical infection from a previous pregnancy. I was started on 2 double doses of antibiotics (1 IV, 1 oral), pain relief, and given food to eat before I could be discharged. Their directions for me was modified bedrest, pain relief, to eat, and to follow up with my doctor today (Tuesday, 11/14/15).

bed rest buddies
The bed rest buddies 48 hours in. At least long days in bed meant a lot of puppy cuddles and warmth!

That was the longest 5 days of staring out a window, watching old shows, forcing down food, heartburn, and sleeping. Now that bedrest is over, I am heading in to the OBGYN followup as prepared as I can be for having no idea what to expect.

Thank you miscarriage #4 and cycle #1 for that intro into complications. I’m glad you’re over with!


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