September Shelf Shopping | The End

Whoops, this never posted! …Whelp! Here we go!

On October 10, the night before the packers came, we had the our clean the cupboards event. It was pretty simple. Everything we wanted gone was laid out on our island with saved grocery and Ziploc bags attached at either end.

We called 3 households to come over (2 came) and had them take what they wanted. After an hour, everything was gone.

To Go

Poultry/Red Meat/Fish
Red meat—
Pepperoni (trip)

2 (10 oz. bags) broccoli/cauliflower~1.5 pounds of green beans , and 1 pound of asparagus 
2 onions 

Hamburger buns—
2 bags 

12 oz shredded Pecorino Romano and Parmesan, shredded mozzarella 40 oz

Dry Goods
4 boxes of plain pasta (trip)10 boxes of Mac & Cheese (give away)
Snacks—2 salsas, 2 boxes of crackers
Flour—2 (5 pound) bags of white, 1 pound of whole wheat flour
Sugar—white (1 pound), brown (2 cups)

Sauces—2 pasta sauces (12 oz each)
Hot sauces, taco sauces, ketchup, mustards, etc.

Saved for Our Trip
Peanut butter (creamy and crunchy)
Bread (4 slices)
Water Bottles
Tortilla Chips

It saved me time and energy trying to get it donated or used up and saved our friends at least $120 dollars EACH at the grocery store!


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