Kroger Clicklist Shopping | How I Use ClickList | What I Save

I’ve written about grocery shopping before where I’ve talked about Planning Your Stores, Lists, & Timing and Meal Planning & Saving Money. At the end of July, I had a coupon for 3 free online shopping trips. I decided to give it a try and report back to you guys.

Let me start by saying that this online shopping gets a big thumbs up from me! At first, I was hesitant to try this. One, I really enjoy grocery shopping. I like the challenge of staying on budget, only buying what’s on the list, and sometimes I make a day out of it and get lunch beforehand. Two, I like picking out my perishable items and bagging my groceries a certain way. Three, I wasn’t sure how the coupons or in store savings would work.

Like I said earlier, we had a coupon for 3 free trips and it fell into our laps at the best time. When I was pregnant, I did not feel good and shopping was the last thing I wanted to do (free shopping trip 1—check). When we miscarried, dragging myself to the store to walk around for an hour just wasn’t happening (free shopping trip 2—check). This online shopping trip was our last free trip, but it is safe to say that we will be using this feature again and again!

For our grocery store, Kroger, it’s easiest to use a computer when shopping. I still write out my list by category and cross things off as I go, because it’s easier for me to track what I’ve gotten that way. You give them your payment information, select a pickup day and time, and voila—groceries!

Choose ClickList at the top of the page.
Track your total as you add to you cart!

Don’t worry you aren’t charged until the groceries are in your car! Hold onto your coupons, you hand those in before you get your groceries (don’t forget to mention digital store coupons, too). Also, before I forget most of those in store savings are marked online, too!

Now without the free “try our online shopping system” coupon, it costs $4.95. I’ve heard that on average, people spend a little more than $2 for every minute they are in the grocery store! I get it, I mean that IS what you’re there to buy—but it’s also kind of crazy!

If you are there for 90 minutes, that is easily $180. Who knows how much of that is necessary items versus frivolous spending!

Anyway, the penny-pincher in me would much rather spend $4.95 and get exactly what I need, the appropriate amounts, and save that 90 minutes. Plus, I’ll gladly pocket the $100 extra dollars a month that we’d spend at the store on frivolous, impulse items. Since we shop at both Costco (once a month to every 6 weeks) and Kroger (twice a month), I’d much rather cut my total time at the stores in more than half. For reference, I usually spend about 50 minutes at Costco and between 70 and 90 minutes at Kroger. Forget about driving to and from each, plus traffic and any construction!

Total time spent today: 35 minutes
This includes driving to and from, verifying purchases, and unloading the car. 

Picked up and ready to go! No getting out of your car!

As for the perishable items, if your anything like me your picky about them. When I called to ask what happened if I did not like what was chosen, I was told to bring it back within 24 hours (with the receipt). I could either swap it for new or get a refund. That is easy enough.

I also found that I buy a bit more frozen produce than before. While I am much more trusting of people picking produce for me, frozen has been a nice alternative. I buy the plain, flash frozen produce on sale. First, it’s flash frozen so the nutrients are all there. Second, it’s already cut so that cuts down on prep time for me. Third, it simply lasts longer. Fourth, it’s on sale so I buy multiple and save long-term (I’m not tossing fresh produce that went bad).

I especially love buying broccoli, green beans, and asparagus frozen.

Our groceries for a 2+ week period, includes all meals and some snacks. Total cost $123.20!

Grocery Bill Comparison (shopping for 2 weeks)

Kroger Online ClickList: $123.20 

In Store Shopping: $143.10 

Total Saving for 2 weeks (Kroger Only): $19.90



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