Where Did I Go?

On July 24, I mentioned that I’d be back to our regular post/video schedule the following Monday (July 31) and for many reasons that did not happen.

Overall, our summer–really the whole first half of the year–has had MANY high points! I received a diagnoses that gave us much needed clarity. We decided to start trying for a baby. Mike was promoted, we moved into a new house, family visited a couple of times, we’ve spent a lot of time hanging out with friends. I started this blog. It’s been good; we’ve had a lot of fun!

Unfortunately, with peaks come valleys. Since May, we have found out that our time with the Army is ending, we miscarried (MC) twice in 3 months (making that a total of 3 MCs), and had our first high risk OB appointment.

The reason I am telling you this, and my hope, is to help someone else if/when they have to go through this.

So. How (and why) did I decide to write about this? First, I know a very small number of people (family and friends) who have miscarried. I want our story, our struggle, to show someone they are not alone in a time that feels incredibly lonely. Second, the research I have done so far has provided very little reliable information, and even fewer first hand experiences. There may be more out in the internet, but it is apparently very hard to find.

With all that being said, this blog is going to shift a bit. I’m hoping to post twice a week, instead of three times. One post will be dedicated to our infertility journey and the second will be in the realm of organization—moving, looking for a place to live, financial planning, how not to freak (like I may do) once you get the move date, how to accommodate shopping, moving with animals, etc. I also won’t be finishing up the Room by Room series. Lastly, once a month or every other month (I’m not sure which yet) I’ll record a Plan with Me video showing how I’ve used my Life Planner over said month.

Tomorrow (August 18) will be our first infertility post.

Know that posts are coming. If the schedule is not as consistent, it is because I’m just giving myself time to process life’s events.


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