SERIES INTRODUCTION | Room by Room: Organization

SERIES ALERT! During the month of July, Thursdays will be dedicated to organizing room by room.

Organizing, in general, can be very overwhelming and can get out of control very quickly. I’ve learned that the best thing you can do is go room by room, starting with the most used spaces. Initially, this might take a little longer, but will ultimately be faster and keep you motivated.

Because I am a visual person, I write down every room and the main areas within that need to be organized. I keep this list fairly general, but feel free to make this as detailed as you want. After I have assessed each room, I will give it a dedicated day.

RBR Intro.jpg
My checklist of rooms and what needs to be addressed. After all the sub-sections are checked off, the top room box can be, too, and I know to move on.

In every room, I will organize, quickly wipe down, and determine what needs to be washed, tossed, and thoroughly cleaned. I do NOT vacuum, dust, or clean at this stage, I’ll come back later on and clean as the cleaning schedule dictates. (Click here to learn the schedule and get the free printable!)

Note that some days may take an hour to get through, while others may take an entire day. Regardless, I HIGHLY suggest only completing one room a day so that you don’t get overwhelmed and burnt out. After the room is completed, go do something fun!

I mentioned earlier that, initially, it may take a longer than your standard organization. This is because, if you’re anything like me, items will have traveled and need to be returned to their room, you’ll need to toss things, really clean a few items, or simply just get used to the idea of getting organized. The first room might take a full day, but each room after that should decrease in time.

I’ll get into the nitty-gritty details in the weeks to come. For now, let’s keep this simple. 

  1. Start somewhere. For me, starting with the most used room is easiest because it usually has the least amount of overall pileup, unlike a bedroom or throw space. We all have one of those rooms and for me it’s always the guest room or the office.
  2. Have fun! I blast music like the neighbors want to party or listen to a podcast. This doesn’t need to be boring or torturous.
  3. Get others involved. Once the first thorough organization is complete, I try to organize about every change in season. Being that we move every few years, it’s easier for us to organize thoroughly as we move in. As the one who loves to organize, I tend to take on the brunt of the room by room. There is, however, always part of the day where Mike will go through certain areas (bedroom, kitchen, office, TV console). It usually looks something like this:
    • He’ll remove his trash and/or traveling items. We’ll go through the major areas of concern and decide what will stay/go. I’ll wipe items down and organize.
  4. Take a break. Sometimes there is no getting around being overwhelmed. There are times when I go into a room already overwhelmed, so I’ll set a timer. When the timer dings, I do something different. Get lunch, watch tv, read, go outside, go grocery shopping, etc. I always finish working on the room that day, but taking a few breaks keeps me sane, happy, and motivated.

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